Our Partners

  • Board of Directors

  • Loan Committee

  • Native American Advisory Board

  • Community / NMTC Advisory Board

  • African American Community Advisory Board

  • Latinx/Hispanic Community Advisory Board

  • Asset Review Committee

  • Arizona Board of Advisors and Investment Committee

  • B Bold(er) AdvisorY Committee

  • ALCO Committee

  • Outreach Committee

Gary Dunn - CHAIR

Banking Consultant

Alva Diaz

Wells Fargo Bank

Brian M. Riley

Foothills Bank

Chris Walsh

Partners Bank of California

Claudia Lima


David Levy

Fair Housing Council of Orange County

Glen Pacheco


Kelvin James

Bank of Hope

Lisa Dancsok

Arizona Community Foundation

Patricia Neal

Neal Estate, Inc.

Robert McAuslan

Western Alliance Bancorporation

“It’s an honor to serve on the Board of Directors witnessing the care in which the leadership and staff operate to make Clearinghouse CDFI relevant and impactful. It continues to maintain mission objectives amid ever-changing operating conditions; giving stakeholders evidence it successfully navigates environmental and social risks and growth opportunities. I'm grateful to be a small part of Clearinghouse CDFI.”

Kelvin James - Bank of Hope

Glen Pacheco - CHAIR


Dino Browne

Las Vegas Urban League

Gary Dunn

Banking Consultant

Patricia Dixon

CalPrivate Bank

Peter Hill

Goldwater Bank, N.A.

Tammy Song

Royal Business Bank

Terrin Enssle

Clearinghouse CDFI

Waheed Karim

Banner Bank

Wesley Wolf

Wolf & Company, Inc.

“It has been an honor to serve on the Loan Committee for 10+ years. Since 1996, Clearinghouse has done great things for low-income and disadvantaged communities. In these very challenging years, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, CCDFI provided more opportunities for people who were at a greater disadvantage than ever before. I'm proud to be a small part of this great organization making a difference in the lives of those we serve.”

Waheed Karim - Banner Bank

Gerald Sherman - CHAIR

Bar K Management Company

Bob Crothers

Citizen Potawatomi Community Development Corporation

Chad Marchand

Colville Tribal Gaming Commission

Jackson Brossy

Native CDFI Network

Karlene Hunter

Native American Natural Foods

Shawn Nelson

Father Sky & Mother Earth ART

Stephanie Cote

Oweesta Corporation

“Clearinghouse CDFI’s innovative and intentional investments in Indian Country continue to strengthen and empower our Native American communities. The level of dedication and commitment shown by staff is impressive. Working alongside Native leaders from across the country on the Native Advisory Board has truly been a privilege.”

Stephanie Cote - Oweesta Corporation

Delores Brown - CHAIR


Alan Woo

Santa Ana Unidos

Andrew Michael

Partnerships for Change

Christopher Francis

CF Architecture Inc.

David Levy

Fair Housing Council of Orange County

Gerald Sherman

Bar K Management Company

Martina Guilfoil

Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise

Stanley Tom

Valley Small Business Development Corp.

Tim Johnson

City of Federal Way

“It is amazing to be on the NMTC Advisory Board and witness and contribute to the 'Arising' economic community benefit global leader that is Clearinghouse CDFI. I have witnessed and been a part of taking calculated risks that manifest as true community advancement for Native Americans and disadvantaged borrowers everywhere.”

Andrew Michael

Henry Childs - CHAIR

Minority Wealth Commission

Tamesha Wells

National Association of Real Estate Brokers

Rasheedah Jones

National Association of Real Estate Brokers

“My mission in life is to help everyone achieve economic freedom. I am honored to work with CCDFI to close the racial wealth gap and create economic opportunities for communities of color.”

Henry Childs

Marcos Morales - CHAIR

Hogar Hispano, Inc.

Edward Celaya

Salt River Financial Services & Tiempo

Jose Martinez

Prestamos CDFI

Reverend William Rodriguez

Assemblies of God

“I welcome the opportunity to serve on the Latinx/Hispanic Community Advisory Board for CCDFI as it develops programs that will directly impact Latinx and Hispanic communities nationwide. CCDFI has done a remarkable job investing capital in targeted markets through creative and impactful lending programs. I am proud to support this wonderful organization as they continue to grow and expand to meet capital needs in underserved communities.”

Glen Pacheco - CHAIR


David Sharp

Pacific Western Bank

Elsa Monte

Pacific Western Bank

John Marder

RMA of Orange County

Melinda Costa

Wells Fargo Bank

Wilson Mach

First General Bank

“I recently retired from a 43-year career in the banking business but have the privilege to continue serving on the Asset Review Committee. The staff are a pleasure to work alongside. CCDFI is truly a Best-in-Class organization in the financial services industry.”

John Marder

Andrew W. Gordon - CHAIR

Clearinghouse CDFI

Cody Williams

Maricopa County Justice Courts

Craig K. Williams

Snell & Wilmer L.L.P.

Cyndi Franke-Hudson

Wells Fargo Bank

David Castillo

Native Community Capital

Douglas Bystry

Clearinghouse CDFI

Edward Celaya

Salt River Financial Services and Tiempo

Elisa de la Vara

Arizona Community Foundation

Esperanza Martinez

ZB, N.A, dba National Bank of Arizona

Jonathan Koppell

Montclair State University

Ken Burns

Arizona Commerce Authority

Kevin Halloran

CrossFirst Bank

Lisa Van Ella

Foothills Bank / Clearinghouse CDFI

Paul T. Hickman

Arizona Bankers Association

Terrin Enssle

Clearinghouse CDFI

Tim R. Bruckner

Western Alliance Bank

Susan Montoya - CHAIR

Clearinghouse CDFI

Barbara Boone

Western Alliance Bank

Erin Gunther

Orange County Community Housing Corp

Kathy Bonney

Clearinghouse CDFI

Melody Winter Head

Retired - Federal Reserve Bank of SF

Victor Ramirez

Citizens Business Bank

“I am honored and proud to serve on the Clearinghouse CDFI B BOLD(ER) Advisory Committee that invests in tomorrow’s leaders. Internships are an important bridge connecting students to new opportunities. We all need to step up and share our career pathways to help shape the future of community development.”

Victor Ramirez

Brian M. Riley - CHAIR

Foothills Bank

Craig Kardokus

First Foundation Bank

David Levy

Fair Housing Council of Orange County

Mag Wangsuwana

CalPrivate Bank

Michael Solomon

Charles Schwab Bank

Steve Herman

California Bank & Trust (Zions)

Salila Pande

State Bank of India

“Serving on ALCO is an enriching experience. I see and appreciate CCDFI’s contribution to disadvantaged populations. I am impressed with the company’s strong governance, planning process, and zeal to achieve its mission. It is an honor working with such a great team to make whatever small contribution I can to our communities.”

Salila Pande

Susan Montoya - CHAIR

Clearinghouse CDFI

Arturo Pérez

U.S. Bank

Barbara Boone

Western Alliance Bank

Bruce Gumbiner

American Business Bank

Kathy Bonney

Clearinghouse CDFI

“ I proudly support the efforts of Clearinghouse CDFI and its impact on our communities. Participating in Outreach Committee is an opportunity for me to give back to this organization, which has contributed in many ways to my own community and career.”

Bruce Gumbiner

“Our work is possible thanks to the contributions and relentless commitment of our partners. Thank you for everything you have done to serve our communities.”

Douglas BYSTRY

president / ceo - Clearinghouse cdfi